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Sunday, August 30, 2009

MARGO REYMUNDO: “It is my heart’s desire that lovers everywhere experience Ms Reymundo’s album and Organica style,” Payton L. Inkletter’s heart sings!

It was the second Tuesday in August, and a parcel arrived: the Margo Reymundo album I ordered the other week, ‘My Heart’s Desire’. It was not until the second following day that I got the opportunity to sit down in the lounge before dawn and listen to it, all the way through in one sitting, as Ms Reymundo asks in the album’s notes, to experience the integration of the work.

Well, I think I can now demarcate my life in an additional way: before REYMUNDO, and after REYMUNDO. It was superb… it was a rich experience, and one that I won’t forget in a long time. Ms Reymundo has a team of highly talented musicians collaborating with her on this album, and her singular voice was like a skilfully restrained yet scintillating ribbon of gold-tinted honeyed wax, whose temperature was decidedly on the hot side of warm, tensile and tempting, floating out of the speakers to knead my compliant inner being.

She has cut here a number of co-written tracks with John Gentry Tennyson, Aaron Kelly, and Red Broad, one of her very own, ‘I Saw You’, and three covers, by: Sting: ‘Wrapped Around Your Finger’; Michael McDonald and Carly Simon: ‘You Belong To Me’; and Bill Withers: ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’. She does ample justice to these latter three, nobly enriching the catalogue of tributes to her predecessors. Ms Reymundo’s voice confidently takes Bill Wither’s lyrics and beguilingly wrings more despair from them than you thought was left.

I was gladly immersed in her luscious sensual bath of vocal forbidden fruit, and by the time the fourth song wafted out, ‘Between Us’, I was lost in a paradise which I was in no hurry to find my way out of. Ooohhh… Ms Reymundo’s voice in this gem of a fourth track, let alone the lyrics, is delectation incarnate. Treat yourself now and visit Margo's Myspace page here and listen to this track in the player you'll find on the right hand side, from among the four tracks on offer in full.

From the opening and title track, ‘My Heart’s Desire’ I was treated to exquisite piano notes, simple and supportive of the lovely lyrics, and forgive me for returning to that song of Ms Reymundo’s and A. Kelly's composition, ‘Between Us’, for this pink diamond is buried at the portal to the heart of this album, and in my humble opinion, it is an exquisite and sublimated sensual masterpiece, for sincere lovers everywhere to enjoy and be transported by. If ever a song was written from the experience of a deeply consummate romantic love, this one obviously was. See if the hairs of various zones on your body don’t begin to stand as Ms Reymundo breathes the words ‘You kiss me on the mouth, ooh and it’s so sublime…’ and ‘Could you ever look at me the same if you knew my thoughts’.

I found the variety of strings wonderful, and just so masterfully employed. The final track, ‘Couldn’t Be More Wrong’, written with Red Broad, has some more of the gorgeously addictive piano work by Freddy Kron that pleases me greatly on this album. I got up after this almost hour long listening delicacy, wishing it wouldn’t end, and walked on air.

Be kind to yourself, and your friends, and own this musical treat. I have since ordered and received another three of this album for family and friends. Ron White, the romantic inspiration for this album, is given a strong validation for his unwavering support that underpins this production. Ms Reymundo has movingly dedicated the opus to the legacy that her parents crafted. They can be decidedly happy with their daughter’s handiwork, her father, Alejandro Reymundo-Mejia, from one of many mansions, having departed this world, her mother, Amparo Jurado DeReymundo, still being blessed here on this mortal coil.

Payton L. Inkletter (Writer, thinker, humorist)


Gladys Hobson said...

Wonderful! She must be quite a singer. Is it possible for you to include a little sound in this review?

Payton L. Inkletter said...

Gladys: I've just added a link in the post above about four paragraphs down, where you can listen to several tracks in full, including the luscious 'Between Us'.


Gladys Hobson said...

Well, I guess we all have different tastes in music. Can't expect an old granny to appreciate the same music as a young full-blooded stallion!

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