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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

DESIRE: The story of Awakening Love was never told so well. Payton L. Inkletter's review of Gladys Hobson's steamy yet refined novel, 1st of a trilogy

Here is a novel, Desire, also published as Awakening Love, that I thoroughly enjoyed from an author, Gladys Hobson, who quickly pulled me into the lives of her characters, set in the restlessly reenergising world of post Second World War Britain.

It was easy to empathise, if not fall in love with, June Armstrong, a stunning and very young woman from humble beginnings who was determined to carve a career for herself, as well as establish an outlet for her astonishing creativity, in fashion design, and whose naivety regarding her great beauty and high-potency sex appeal quickly saw her the object of desire and more of several rich, charismatic, powerful – and some ruthless – men. That she wrestled with her own searing awakening sexual desires – the equal of her suitors – pitted against her moral sense, with chequered success, was not a surprise, but made excellent reading.

It quickly became obvious that this writer, surely, was weaving a tale of truth tantalisingly close to actual reality from those days, she tells it so well; only someone who has worked in the industry, fashioned the cloth, walked the corridors, and experienced much adoration of her own beauty and charisma is likely to be so convincing; alternatively, it would have to be someone who can marshal the visceral visions in her imagination to breathe and live on the written page.

Gladys Hobson had me admiring June's fiancé Arthur, while wanting to take to her boss, and later business associate, Rob, with a cricket bat to teach the bastard how not to treat women; I give Ms Hobson full marks for how her wordcraft got me so engrossed.

Explicit sexual encounters there are aplenty, yet painted with such taste and consummate restraint, that I would happily have let my early teenaged daughter read this book had I owned it then, to help her understand and anticipate the world of sexual promise and pitfalls out there in the big bad world.

I have an enhanced and valuable insight now to what the class conscious Britain of those times was like, as well as a quickening of my understanding of primal human nature, thanks to reading Desire. Also, it is a pleasure to read a book written by an author who has garnered much wisdom: their books are the better ones, the wisdom glistens from page after page, and only time and enlightened self-examination can bring such a harvest.

As a writer myself, there were gems aplenty that caught my eye and informed me among Ms Hobson's paragraphs. And try as I might to destroy my copy of this high quality book from AG Press, through some (inadvertent) very rough handling of mine involving gymnastics upon its spine, it stood up to the abuse and laughed at me, remaining robust and intact.

I commend the author for her remarkable achievement, and I will be reading the sequels.

Payton L. Inkletter (writer, thinker, humorist)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If you like this book by Gladys Hobson, which I must admit I enjoyed, then go ahead and read her other books.


Payton L. Inkletter said...

Silky: I have ordered 'Seduction by Design', and I'm looking forward to it's arrival at my treetrunk here in Perth.

Gladys Hobson said...

Judging by where the steaming koala has the book opened, I rather think he has reached the poem:
The flame of love, it never fades
Fed by the heat of desire
It twists, and flares, and burns the breast
And never rests, till hearts be blessed
To assuage the raging fire.

Things had hotted up by the middle of the book. But then, koalas know something about fires — bless the little darlings. Methinks young Payton could do a bit of stoking if he decided to write Romance. He's not as innocent as he looks. (His missus will have to stitch his eyes back in if he doesn't get a break from reading soon.)

Gladys Hobson said...

Thanks, Payton for a great review. I am your slave forever!

Anonymous said...

A well earned review that speaks volumes about the mastery of this author. Well done!


Anonymous said...

If it's as good as the Koala suggests, I'm looking forward to reading it!


Gladys Hobson said...

Golly, I keep finding these comments. There must be an easier way to find out what going on.
Thank you Gentlemen. I feel like a queen with all you gents heaping kind comments.

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